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Some of you may be aware that a few years back, Eden put out a little book called Dungeons and Zombies. More recently, another work followed, entitled All Tomorrow's Zombies. Those books, both "genre" books for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, were written (or co-written, in the case of the latter) by lil' old me. The former turns your basic survival horror game into a game of spell-slinging, sword-swinging, swashbuckling (or dark and gritty, as you'd like it) fantasy. The latter gives you everything you need to run a really ass-kicking science fiction game, be it cyberpunk, space opera, or "hard" sci-fi.

This site will give a bit more support for these and other Unisystem books that I've had a hand in, for you to make use of in your own games. Incidentally, I hear the complaint from people all the time: "We love the idea of Unisystem [INSERT GENRE HERE], but we're not into zombies!" Good news for you, then. All Flesh can be used as a generic Unisystem fantasy game. You don't need zombies in your game. Don't believe me? Stop at your local game store and flip through it, preferably with one of their great genre books for the game on hand as well. You'll see. But now, without further ado...

Dungeons and Zombies

All Tomorrow's Zombies

Official Errata

The following is an errata to the Dermal Armor Power found in ATZ; after the book was released we determined the way it was written didn't work as well as it should have.

Dermal Armor
1 point per level
Prerequisites: Bioware, Nanotech, Cyberware, Robot, or Zombie
Limitations: Biotech level 2, Nanotech level 3.

The character possesses a tough hide, covering, or dermal plating granting a natural armor, providing an AV dependent upon the type of covering. Higher levels are visible to the naked eye, though doubling the cost of these levels enables armor to be concealed beneath the skin and invisible; however, any sort of tech scan will still detect the implants as normal:

Thick Skin: Characters with thick skin, akin to a leather motorcycle jacket in thickness and texture, gain AV d4-1(1). This is a 1-point Power.
Leathery Hide: These characters have a tough, leathery skin that feels hard or scaly to the touch, as though covered with callouses, and gain AV D6+1(4). This is a 2-point Power. A Perception and Notice Task at -1 reveals the existence of this augmentation to the naked eye.
Chain Shirt Body: These folks have metal links or studs worked into their skin, or, in the case of Nanotech, the nanobots in the character's blood stream race to the surface and interlock at the point of any attack; this provides AV D8 x 2(8). The power is worth 3 points and is detectable by anyone passing a Perception and Notice Task.
Skin Like Iron: The toughest armor enhancement out there, available only to those with cyberware, robots, or zombies. These folks have had metal plates grafted onto their skin, granting an AV of (D8 x 2) + 8 (16). This power is worth 4 points but is readily visible at all times.

Check out this VIDEO REVIEW of ATZ!

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