The Nocturnum

Episode 6: The Player of Hell

Original Air Date: 3/14/2005

The original text around which this episode centers is by Dr. Michael C. LaBosierre, and can be found here, though in this case the monster is not much more than a link to keep the plot centered.

Brief Synopsis

(once again, the events of this episode weren't as important as the character interactions and development, so not a whole lot to report)

The Cast has cast spells upon their homes to revoke Draco's invitation, so he cannot enter any of their domiciles.

Anita is contacted by Alan, asking her to assist his graduate student, Dan Mays, who has become the apparent victim of a vampire that can walk in the daylight and enter homes without permission. It turns out that this particular creature is a Vrykolakas, a rare Greek demon that shares some surface similarities with common vampires, though rather than needing permission to enter a domicile, it must create a bond with its victim through the giving of a gift: in this case an mp3 player.

Cyan takes it upon herself to "modernize" Drake; she takes Drake back to her apartment and leaves him to take a shower. She hears a crash, and runs into the bathroom to find the bathroom window shattered, and Drake lying on the ground, naked and wet in the snow, 3 storeys down. She rushes to his aid; he says he doesn't know what happened and she says the fateful words, "Let's get you back inside." You guessed it; Drake and Draco switched places once again, and Draco was expelled from the home. Cyan invited him back in.

Fate intervened and Cyan managed to escape Draco's inevitable attack; Draco trashed Cyan's apartment, stole all of her valuables, then went to Eat 'n' Park, a local chain diner, and proceeded to massacre several police officers, a waitress, and a few patrons. He then went in search of the Black Sorcerer, who told Draco the truth of his condition (which will be posted when the rest of the Cast learns it) and that Wolfram and Hart has the girl the Black Sorcerer covets. In addition, Draco encountered Brigit, who has joined forces with the Black Sorcerer, and is now sporting the mark of the Mad God Leviathan.

Anita visited Alan in his hideaway to inform him of developments with the Dan Mays case; one thing led to another and the two of them ended up in bed together for the first time. Meanwhile, Drake (restored to his human self) and Cyan encountered and destroyed the Vrykolakas.

John returned home to find the apartment trashed and Cyan not around. Though relieved to discover Cyan was alive and staying at a posh hotel, he has sworn to kill Draco once and for all, even if it means killing Drake in the process...

Great Quotes:

(discussing Cyan and John's impending wedding)
Anita: So, is your dress going to be white?
Cyan: Probably shouldn't be...but yeah.

Father Bob: You believe in God!?
Drake: Of course. I was raised to believe in God.
Father Bob: So, how old are you?
Drake: This is 2005, correct? That means...606 or so.
Father Bob: Wow. So I guess you would've been raised to believe in God.

Drake: See, demons are just like humans
Father Bob: No, they're really not.
Drake: Not in that sense. It's like, you know how some people are shoplifters and some are murderers? Different levels of bad. Demons are the same way. Silas is like a shoplifter. Your average vampire is like a murderer. Then there's Old Ones...
Father Bob: No, I just can't do this. (Gets up and walks away)

Anita: They have great tiramisu
Drake: Gezundheit

Cyan: Why are you all dressed up?
Anita: We're busy. Band playing.
Cyan: You never got all dressed up for work before.
Anita: What, I can't look nice once in awhile?
Cyan: You always look nice. But you never get dressed up. What's wrong?
Anita: Nothing!
Cyan: Come on. You never get dressed up. What's going on?
Anita: Coffee?

Anita: So where'd you take Drake after dinner?
Cyan: Wal-Mart.
Anita: Please tell me you didn't buy him Wal-Mart clothes.

(setup: Drake has all the modern hygiene products Cyan has bought him, spread out on a table. He's examining the bottles and feverishly scribbling in a notebook.)
Cyan: Drake...what are you doing?
Drake: Well, I'm either on the verge of figuring out how to use all this stuff, or 1 step away from summoning a demon. I'm not quite sure.

Anita (to Cyan, on seeing Drake in khakis and a pullover): So, you dressed him like something out of a Gap commercial, and now you're teaching him to moisturize? Are you, like, trying to make him gay?

(ooc comments)
Julie: You just got to see Viggo Mortensen...naked.
Kalie (grins): Yeah. I know.

Cyan (not realizing she's invited Draco back into her house): Would you like something to eat?
Draco: Yes, I am feeling a bit...snackish...

(after Draco attacks her)
Cyan: I knew I shouldn't have taken him to Wal-Mart...

(as she escapes her apartment down the fire escape)
Cyan: Teach you how to exfoliate, and this is the thanks I get...

(After Cyan's escape)
Draco: Hm. I'm still feeling peckish. I know! Eat 'n' Park! The place for smiles...

Cyan (enraged, to Drake): You tried to eat me last night! And not in the way I like!

(Setup: Anita and Cyan take Drake to Hot Topic, where he finds period-style clothing)
Drake: And here I thought you modern people had lost all sense of style and taste.
Cyan: Ooh! What do you think of this vinyl bra with chains?

(Anita and Cyan at Frederick's of Hollywood. Cyan picks up a pair of gimmick "rooster" underwear)
Anita: You're going to tell me you have a pair of those for John...
Cyan: I do now!

Alan (on the lavish decor inside his low-rent tenament home): Just because I have to keep off the radar doesn't mean I have to live in squallor. I just have to squallor.

Anita (on having sex with Alan for the first time): I'm having a very strange night...

Drake (calls Anita's cell): Sorry about the fire damage. (hangs up)

(Anita rushes home from Alan's arms, only to discover that the "fire damage" is in fact a small scorch mark on the ceiling)
Anita: you said there was fire damage.
Drake (points to the ceiling): It'll probably wash off.
Anita: No, Drake. You said there was fire damage.
Drake: Yes. I'm sorry. It'll probably wash off.
(Anita turns around and leaves)

Anita: If I don't stay here, I'm going to kill Drake. Can I stay here?
Alan: No, I'm afraid not. Yes, of course you can stay!
Anita: Thanks. Having an ex-vampire for a roommate blows.
Alan: Sorry, "blows..." that's bad, yes?
Anita: Yes, blows in a bad way.
Alan: I'm afraid I'm not quite up on common vernacular.
Anita: Oh, you will be. You will be.

Great moments:

Anita goes to meet Alan in a parking garage (he's still in hiding, researching the cult to the Old Ones that's festering within the Rosicrucians). They have their meeting, and before Alan leaves, he abruptly gives Anita a passionate kiss, then becomes very awkward as he bids her good night.

Drake finds himself a bit turned on upon seeing Anita all dressed up.

Cyan inadvertantly re-invites Draco into her home. He tries to kill her, then (after failing to do so) trashes her apartment, steals all of her valuables, and puts them in her $800 luggage, then departs.

Drake commits a massacre at a local diner, then sets up a sadistic display: He lines up the corpses along the counter. In each corpse's lap, he places a smiley-face cookie, upon which he draws fangs in blood, and makes a trail of blood between the bodies.

Cyan and Anita bond over a box of tissues and a half-gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and discuss love, loss, and existential crisis.

Upon arriving at Alan's house, anita sees a Gifted, beautiful, elegantly dressed woman observing her from across the street.

Cyan and Drake do battle with the Vrykolakas. They defeat it when Drake uses his coat to blind the creature and hold it still while Cyan blasts it with "fire balls." Meanwhile, Anita and Alan have sex for the first time.