Episode 3: Fathers and Sons

Original Air Date: 8/6/2006

Special Guest Stars:

Zack Ward as William Forsythe


John makes his way through the post-apocalyptic future of Pittsburgh, stopping to collect supplies anywhere and everywhere he can. Along the way, he discovers long-dead corpses that have been practically mummified by the dry heat that fills the city. Walking to Oakland, he notices a huge ridge of rock that seems to have sprouted atop Mount Washington, and that the greenish light in the air is a dome of energy erupting from the Hellmouth. He notices a raven watching him intently several times.

Arriving in Oakland, he discovers the Hive Arcana has been imploded. As he ponders his next move, he is assaulted by twenty Deadites. During the battle, he suddenly sees his body from above and while disoriented from the experience, is knocked unconscious by one of the deadites. Just as blackness closes in, he sees what appears to be the cavalry riding to his rescue, and hears a voice exclaiming, "Don't touch him! Leave him alone! Gods, that's my father!"

John awakens to meet his son, William, who informs him that it is in fact 2026, and that around four years ago Anita, Drake, and Klaus went mad and performed a ritual that resulted in the opening of the Hellmouth. Anita's purpose, apparently, was to return John, Cyan, and Alan to life through the sacrifice of John and Cyan's daughter, Katherine. William's story is that Anita had become corrupted by a book called Morturom Demonto, an ancient Sumerian book of burial rites, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages.

John joins up with William in an effort to recover Cyan's body from the ruins of Presbyterian Hospital; William thinks if they can get her body, he can bring her back to life. During the operation, John discovers that the Raven was, in fact, Amara. She turns herself (and him) into mist during a "terrorist" attack on the operation, and John again finds his soul knocked from his body. He then sees Anita, Drake, and Klaus zap him with tasers. In a "not again," moment, he's once again rendered unconscious. He awakens in a bare room, with only a bed and a chair in the corner. Sitting in the chair is a shadowy figure with a silver-headed cane. The figure leans forward and John sees Drake, scarred, and with streaks of silver in his hair.

"Hello, John," he says.

Great Quotes:

(Pre-game comments):
Jason: We ready?
Eric: God, no.

(after fighting off a "Terrorist" attack)
Eric: What kinds of guns do these assholes have?
Jason: Sub-machineguns.
Eric: Ooh, I gets me one of those.

William: You sound a little bit like the Spanish Inquisition, Dad. Let's go have us a book burning!

Eric: There's a bed?
Jason: Yes.
Eric: Then I have a weapon.

Great Moments:

None I'd consider "great." The episode didn't go over nearly as well as I (or Eric) would've liked, and ended up being far more railroady than it should've. But they can't all be golden.