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Welcome to my site celebrating Troll Lord Games' wonderful Castles and Crusades fantasy role playing game. This game is, in my opinion, what D&D 3rd edition should have been. It takes everything cool about earlier editions of the World's Most Popular Fantasy RPG, throws out the garbage, and then inserts a fast-playing, easy, and cohesive rules set on top of it. That's not to say it's perfect: I have yet to encounter a game that is. However, the beauty of C&C is that it is designed for use with house rules. This page will host my own rules, as well as links to other useful C&C sites. Enjoy, and return often!

The Castle Ledger
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Last Updated: 2/12/2007

Outside Links

Troll Lord Games, Makers of C&C.
The Castles and Crusades Society
The Troll Lord discussion forums
The Shadowboard gaming forums Castles and Crusades board, maintained by yours truly.
The Keeper's Den C&C Discussion Forums
The Dragonsfoot discussion forums also have an excellent C&C community.
The Ravens Keep, yet another excellent web community dedicated to C&C.
Simon Washbourne's C&C site, with a killer netbook of classes!
Mythmere's Wondrous Musings C&C site. Lots of great stuff here!
The Mud Pit, where you can find rules for a C&C/Hackmaster crossover.
CnCPlayer.net (LOTS of great stuff here!)
Ravenchile Illustrations, the online home of Peter Bradley, the primary artist for the C&C core books!
Traveller's Roleplaying Game Downloads. The C&C Section here is a MUST SEE, including collected errata, character cheat sheets, and a Castle Keeper's Screen!
Dan Buter's C&C page, with new classes and races, new weapon tables, clerical domain rules, a complete campaign setting, and more!

Rules and Setting Info
(Caveat the First: All links are to PDF files!)
(Caveat the Second: All links marked with an asterisk (*) are hosted elsewhere, and were not written by me. Where possible, I'll credit the author.)

The World of Erde, the default campaign setting for C&C. Currently in d20, soon to be redone for the SIEGE engine and released as the Rings of Brass Campaign Setting.
Troll Lord's Castles and Crusades site. Has rules expansions, errata, an official character sheet, two free adventure scenarios, and a monsters sampler PDF for those who don't yet have Monsters and Treasure.
Castle Zagyg, Gary Gygax's original campaign setting from 30+ years ago, renamed to protect the guilty, is being released for C&C, written by the grandfather of roleplaying himself, Gary Gygax!
Castle Keeper's Screen panels*, posted at Dragonsfoot by Traveller.
C&C Character Creation Cheat Sheet*, posted at Dragonsfoot by Traveller.
Conan C&C* (author unkown)

House Rules and Resources
(Both Caveats from section above still apply!)

Dauphin True Type Font
Deluxe Character Sheet in full color!
Character Sheet with grayscaled boxes
Character Backgrounds, an optional skills system.
Character Traits
High Level Characters, advancement beyond 12th level.
Channeling, a point-based magic system. This one's still a bit rough.
Conversion Guidelines for using any d20-based OGL source with Castles and Crusades.
Fate Points, a mechanic for cinematic play.
Defense Bonus, adapted from OGL sources. Your characters' defense gets better, as well as their offense!
The Psionicist, psionics in C&C at last!
The Duelist, a swashbuckling character class that fights with two weapons!

Homebrew Setting: The World of Domaria
(Note: Domaria uses all of the house rules in the preceding section, save defense bonus, which was put up by request. As with those links, most links here are to pdf files, save the map, which is a jpg image).

A combined PDF of all the house rules I'll be using, with a table of contents!
Note: the "Character Cheat Sheets" in the table of contents refer to the Character Creation Cheat Sheets that can be downloaded separately, above. They are not included in the combined PDF for technical reasons
A Map of Domaria
A Gazetteer of Domaria
New Character Classes and Races
Psionic Powers (for use with the Psionicist character class in the above file. This file is identical to the psionic powers section of the Psionicist in the House Rules section.)

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