The Cast

The Artist

A survivor of the last Great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks, the Artist is a dark, lonely soul who hides his pain and anger through humor and a cheerful disposition, though he sometimes becomes irritated with his human companions, expecting more of them than even he knows he should. The Artist doesn't often talk about his experiences in the war, and whenever the subject arises it is clear he carries some deeply personal scars and blames himself for things that perhaps are not his fault.


Very much the wealthy playboy, Davan entered the Navy at the age of 18 and coasted his way through basic and OCS on his parents' money and influence. Despite his cavalier attitude and womanizing ways, Davan is a competent and talented pilot, and an athletic marathon runner. He also has a protective streak and though he probably wouldn't admit it, more than a little chivalry in him.


A small-town scientist with a family, Chuck is very much the "absent-minded professor" of the group. Sometimes, even when the solution is right in front of him, Chuck doesn't see it. Still it was he who first brought the burned-out sonic screwdriver to the group, launching them on their first adventure with the Artist, and the Artist recognizes ability and talent when he sees it. If he's extra-hard on Chuck, that's just because the Artist sees what Chuck is capable of and wants to exhort greatness from the man. Chuck occasionally will take leave of the group to spend time on Earth with his wife.


A power-pop-punk-rocker who is just starting to enjoy the trappings of real success, Emilie has a small degree of status amongst teens on Earth. She's also psychic and her unique abilities, both vocal and psychic, have served the group well on more than one occasion. She's sassy and outgoing, but still a bit uncomfortable with her own powers.


James has lived a hard life. A hard life, and a bad life. He's done things he doesn't like to think about, let alone talk about. He took the reunion with his friends as an opportunity to finally give going straight a try. Then this whole mess with the Artist happened. He's still trying to walk the straight and narrow, but it's so much damned easier just to pick up a gun and start blasting away...besides, he's found himself sticking to Emilie like glue all over again, just like in the old days, and it's easier to protect her if he's got access to lethal force...


(Written by Don's player...who is Don...but's hard to explain)
Although one would never guess by his profession, this 20 something y/o funeral director was born and raised in the tougher side of town. The wildness of his youth, although, less visible now, has left him astute and street wise. If his profession and society's view of the deathcare industry would permit, he would have a ponytail and be wearing a jean jacket and black jump boots. There is a definite comfort level on the streets. Because of this, Don tends to have an affinity for James... he lives the life that, sometimes, Don would prefer.

On the serious side, walking the path of life & death with those in need and guiding them through their grief and pain, is his calling and he receives a deep sense of comfort and peace in the knowledge that he is able to help many in a manner that no other can. Although, the children are the hardest and sometimes touch deeper than he is prepared and leave their mark.

He values friendship and loyalty more than most and would be considered very dependable. He has trained in Tae Kwon Do and is just short of a Black Belt, is an outdoorsman and handy with rifle and handgun.