The Players


Julie Gouirand as the Watcher: Anita Blake

Anita is a private detective and Witchcraft Necromancer, secretly a member of the Twilight Order. Not even the Watchers' council knows of her affiliation with the Order. She also functions in some capacity as a (very) informal leader of the group. At the end of Season One, Anita's Slayer, Katrina Donovan, threw herself into the Hellmouth in a moment of heroic sacrifice. Anita has had a very difficult time dealing with the loss, and has gone through some personality changes as a result, becoming harder, colder, and less tolerant of casualties among her unit.

UPDATE: Anita's Back Story! (added 8/8/05)

Eric Kiefer as the Former Initiative Agent: John Forsythe

Jon is a Shooter (created using Enter the Zombie, a sourcebook for All Flesh Must be Eaten) whose entire unit was set up and ambushed by demons. Only he survived, and evidence was planted to make him look responsible. The Initiative is hunting him as a result and he's looking to find out who set him up and clear his name. Only Anita knows he's former Initiative. He set himself up using a dead man's identity. Jon was originally portrayed by WWE wrestler Lance Storm.

By the end of season three, John's Initiative story arc was resolved and his identity returned to him during the conflict with the Black Sorcerer, Alan Collins. Following that escapade, John and Cyan seemed to be the only ones who escaped the season with a happy ending, having been married and seeing Cyan pregnant with twins. Alas, it was not to last, and John now finds himself catapulted into a race through time to fix a timeline gone horribly wrong, where his wife is dead and one of his children the resurrected, powerful, and evil sorcerer Nectanebus.

Bob Russell as the "Humane" Vampire: Drake

Drake was as brutal and demonic as any of them, till within the last two years he began having nightmares about a strange woman that he fell in love with in his dreams, who consistently dies therein, and psychic visions during his waking hours. The combination of visions and nightmares drove him to seek redemption and rediscover his lost soul. At the end of Season One, Drake discovered that he in fact never lost his soul, and is a Moroi, a different breed of vampire (or more accurately, a cross between a Moroi and a standard Buffy vamp, or Strigoi). He spent the summer wandering the world trying to rediscover his identity, with the help of his beloved and spiritual Guide, Katherine. See Drake's Tale for more information. Drake is portrayed by actor Viggo Mortenssen.

Update: 10/9/06 In Season 3, Drake became human due to a misfired spell cast by an apocalypse cult. The spell split Drake into his human and vampiric halves, and the Cast managed to discover a spell that would make the split permanent, then killed his evil alter-ego, Draco. Since the defeat of the Black Sorcerer, Drake has returned to Ireland and begun work reclaiming his ancestral lands. Due to the publicity surrounding his sudden meteoric rise to success, his true name of Alexander Tudor has been revealed to the world.

It has also been revealed that in the alternate future created by Nectanebus' machinations, Drake is involved in a passionate love affair with his original sire, the Moroi Amara. Alas, just after he proposed to the ancient Vampyre, she was killed allowing him to escape from a Pittsburgh trapped beneath a mystical dome due to an open Hellmouth. He is currently working to assist John in fixing the time stream.

Kalie Ofciarcik as the Witch: Cyan

Cyan works as an expensive and very high class adult entertainer who dances at one of the most elite strip clubs in Pittsburgh. Her occupation has afforded her the opportunity to make both street and political contacts. She often employs Jonathan as a bodyguard. Cyan has recently appeared as Playboy's "Playmate of the Month" for July 2003, and has also discovered through her interaction with the supernatural that she possesses the Gift for magical arts. Cyan is portrayed by model/actress Angie Everhart.

UPDATE 8/8/05: Cyan became addicted to magic and went very dark for a time. After a 2-month stint with Willow and the Devonshire Coven, she rejoined the group, more focused and in fact more powerful than ever before. Her constant struggle with her addiction is something she will carry with her until the end of her days, however.

UPDATE 10/1/06: Cyan was killed as a result of the machinations of the resurrected Nectanebus, a situation which led to an alternate timeline in which the entire realm of Malkuth stood to be consumed by the Great Old Ones. As a ghost, she now occasionally appears to John to guide him (and berate him, when he's being difficult) on his quest to restore what went wrong.

Robert Warren as the Pariah: Klaus

Niklaus (Klaus) was the youngest of four children. His life was a living hell from the age of three: his father and mother were members of the Cult of Revelations, and gave him and his oldest sister to the cult for experiments in pain, fear, and hatred as sources of power for magical workings. After five years of torture, he was thrown out on the street because he had outlived his usefulness. From eight until fourteen he worked as a child prostitute. One night, Klaus refused to submit to a rather obscene act. His john beat him severely, screaming obscenities, until something inside of Klaus snapped, and the next thing he knew he was covered in the man's blood, his hands slowing shifting back into their natural shape from the talons that they had become.

Klaus ran, and didn't stop running until he stumbled into an open sewer grate. He lay in the sewer, unconscious, and was found by a Pariah, who recognized Klaus as kindred and took him in. Klaus and his mentor later came to the United States, and acquired citizenship. In the States, he developed an intense love of philosophy, and discovered that he had a natural flair for languages.

For several years Klaus made a living as a social worker. Then came the night of fire, when the Sentinels swept through his small New England town, murdering Gifted. Many Pariahs died that night, among them Klaus’s mentor, and Klaus was left alone again. He fled to New Haven, remembering a kindly woman named Michele who was a friend of his mentor. Michele took him in, and introduced him to the rest of the group, who were in need of someone with his skill for linguistics. Klaus is portrayed by actor Benno Fürmann.

Kalie Ofciarcik as the Slayer: Katherine Forsythe

Katherine Forsythe is one of twins born to John and Cyan on April 22, 2006 following a brutal assault that left Cyan comatose at the end of her 9th month of pregnancy, and was named in honor of Drake's deceased wife, herself a former Slayer. When John was shifted 20 years into the future thanks to the machinations of an evil faceless monk, he encountered both of his children as adults. One, Katherine, had grown to be a vibrant, vivacious, kind, and heroic young woman with the abilities of a Slayer. The other, William, had become the reincarnation of the ancient and evil pre-Hyborean sorcerer Nectanebus and was, in fact, the evil sorcerer who had caused John's time-jump. Katherine has now joined her father in a crusade through time and space to set right what went wrong, and to rescue the soul of her mother, that the timeline can be set to rights. Katherine is portrayed by actress Kari Wuhrer.

Mike Vogel as the Nephilim: Matthew

Matthew (or Canaan, as his birth mother named him) is the child of the archangel Michele, sired with a destiny to help set right a horrible wrong that will send the fate of humankind completely astray, and could destroy the entire realm of Malkuth. For years he quietly observed our heroes from a distance, awaiting the day when the time was right for him to reveal his purpose. This destiny has been realized with the alteration of the timeline through the machinations of Nectanebus. When his mother beat her way through the mystical barrier trapping the Cast in Pittsburgh, his true identity and destiny was revealed, and he has now, like Katherine, joined the Cast on a crusade to set the timeline right once again. Matthew is portrayed by actor Hayden Christensen.

Not Dead, But Gone On Their Way

Les Rosenburg as The Amnesiac Half-Demon: Jack
Jack's Ring Tone: "Eyes of a Stranger"

Jack awoke in a Copenhagen hospital, the amnesiac victim of one of TemCo's evil plots to destroy the world. He fell in with the Cast purely out of desperation; he had nowhere else to go. Worse, Jack quickly discovered that he is in fact half demon. While his memory of who and what he is, and his long-term knowledge of his own past is still a mystery, Jack is able to remember everything new that he encounters with vivid clarity. A half-Biblos demon, Jack's photographic memory has enabled him to re-process much information and he has become an invaluable member of the group. It remains to be seen what--if any--other powers Jack possesses of which he is as yet unaware. Jack is portrayed by actor Johnny Depp.

Update: Jack discovered an original Arabic copy of Al Azif (The Necronomicon) in a destroyed Copenhagen library. He has been studying it obsessively. Recently, he discovered an Arabic note scrawled in blood in the margins. Upon translating it, he discovered it read:

I want a new Mythos
One that does what it should
When that won't make me read Ab'd al-Hazrad
all covered in blood.

I want a new Mythos
One that leaves me with a head
One that won't leave my body all scarred
Or leave my eyes all dead.

One that won't make me nervous
Losing all my goo
One that makes me feel
Like good old Cthulhu
Good old' Cthulhu

When he translated it, he suffered a point of Madness (see the Abomination Codex) for the realization that it was written centuries before "I Want a New Drug," and is now afflicted with a 1-point Obsession to discover the truth of the madness at the center of the universe, hidden in the music and lyrics of Huey Lewis. He left the gang with nary a goodbye, presumably to pursue this obsession.

Sam Anderson as the Demon Hunter: Walter Gray
Walter's NEW Ring Tone: "William Tell Overture"

R.I.P. Walter Gray
Born April 28, 1976
Died April 14, 2003
He died a hero
It wasn't Walter's Fault

Walter is a man whose entire world was turned upside down when his whole family was slaughtered in front of him by vamps. They later rose as undead themselves, and he then had to stake his family. As a result, he's not all there. He also has an unnatural, hollow rasp to his voice that he gained when a Kresh'lok demon slashed his throat. Walter is portrayed by actor Norman Reedus.

Walter perished in the season finale, committing suicide by staking himself and flinging himself into the Hellmouth to fulfill the propecy that the Hellmouth could only be closed by the soul of a Slayer and the Blood of a Hero. Unlike Kat, Walter's body was recovered when the Hellmouth was sealed.

Walter's Final Words, discovered by John when John was cleaning out Walter's apartment

Walter returned from the dead under mysterious circumstances in episode four of the second season. Other than the new flow of Essence surrounding his person, and his exhibition of some unusual new abilities (regeneration, and strange, animated chains extending from his arms among them), he seems the same Walter he always was, save a bit more emotionally scarred. The circumstances and consequences (if any) of his return remain to be seen.

Walter also went on his own way following the events of Season Two. The only message he left behind was on Anita's answering machine: "Hi, it's Walter. I'm going to figure out a way to kill Nyarlathotep. Hopefully I'll see you again some day."

Ken Storm as the Totem Warrior: Daniel
Daniel's Ring Tone: "Theme from The Incredible Hulk"

A 20-year-old pre-med student, Daniel is only beginning to discover his power, heritage, and destiny as a champion of light. Very practical minded, Daniel does not want to be involved in the war against the supernatural, and indeed sometimes appears ashamed of his Native American roots. A reluctant yet potent hero in the truest sense. Daniel left the group after they became fugitives, wanted for murders they didn't commit. He is currently (it is assumed) living in hiding with his grandfather and the Ghost Dancers in Miner's Folly. Daniel is portrayed by actor and musician LiteFoot.

Halfway through Season Two, Daniel decided the life of a demon hunter was more than he could handle. He returned to Snowflake Valley to live with his grandfather, but the two were kidnapped by TemCo, and rescued by the gang at the season's end. Since then, Daniel has returned to Pittsburgh and school, but has not renewed his contact with the gang.

Special Guest Stars

The Graveyard

(Ah, we barely knew ye)

The Ex-Marine: Jim Burke

Another member of Jamie's coterie of demon hunters, Jim Burke is an ex-marine who served in the original Gulf War. He is like John in many ways, and the two sometimes chat about their days in the service. Jim is scarred by his experiences, and even more disturbed by the things he's learned since returning from the war. Still, Jim is a soldier and he does what needs to be done. Jim is portrayed by actor/singer Henry Rollins.

Jim was killed in a Combine attack on the Hive during Season 3. His death was tragic and senseless, but gave the Cast (particularly John) a renewed sense of purpose to take down the Black Sorcerer and the Church of Revelations.

Friend of Kat: Loralei Matthews
RIP Loralei Matthews

Faithful Friend to All
You will be missed

Loralei is the most likely of Kat's friends to get herself in trouble, and the least likely to survive to a ripe old age in Pittsburgh. That is, unless she gets well over her obsession with vampires, who she thinks are all Anne Ricey and tragically hip. Her recent close encounters may eventually jar her perceptions of reality, but as yet this remains to be seen. She has a crush on Drake, and an implied relationship with Carrie, though if the latter is true, Carrie is well closeted ragarding their status. Loralei is portrayed by actress Rachel Leigh Cook.

Rachael Samuels as the Slayer: Katrina "Kat" Donovan
Kat's Ring Tone: "Disposable Teens," by Marilyn Manson

R.I.P. Katrina Donovan
Our L.P.o.H.
She gave her life to save thousands more
Thank you

A light extinguished
Heaven gains a new angel
We will miss you Kat

-John Forsythe

Katrina is a 17-year old Goth chick whose cheating father was murdered by her mother, who then killed herself. Kat found the bodies and is still not quite right from that. She was called due to the fact that (in my Buffyverse) Faith flatlined for 2 seconds while in her coma. Kat is portrayed by actress Kim Director.

Update: In the Season One Finale, Kat threw herself into the Hellmouth, sacrificing her own soul that the gates to Hell would be sealed. She did this along with Walter, but unlike him, Kat's body has not been recovered.

Kat's final message to Anita, in a letter left on Anita's Bed, under a stuffed penguin holding a stake.

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