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A note about PDF Downloading
Sometimes there are issues within Tripod with downloading of PDF files. Since this is intermittent, there's not much I can do except offer a solution. If you try to view a file within the browser, and your Acrobat crashes, try right-clicking (or whatever you do with those funky one-button Mac mouses) and saving the file to your computer and viewing it locally with your Acrobat Reader. Once you do that it always will open without a problem.

Another issue to consider, especially with the character sheet below, is that Adobe Reader will not allow you to save the form after you've filled it out, nor will it allow you to utilize the character portrait section. For full use of the sheet, I highly recommend the software CutePDF Form Filler, found at: This program requires Reader for use, and fixes both the saving and insertion of graphics issues, though you still may need to print your graphics to PDF before you can insert them (again, an issue with Reader 6).

Necronomicon Props

Crossovers and Genre Rules

  • The Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, adapted for the Unisystem by Salvatore "Majin Gojira" Cucinotta and Jason Vey (WARNING: LARGE--3.8MB--FILE). This netbook is HUGE and well worth the download time!
    Supernatural Horror in Literature, by H.P. Lovecraft. Wondering how to use the Mythos in your game? This essay by the master himself might just help.
  • The Unisystem Gothic Cross-Genre Action Theater Netbook

    Episodes and Adventure Scenarios

    Note: many of these below were designed using the Djinn as a Big Bad. They should slot fairly seamlessly into the Djinn season; however, they were largely written with my Cast in mind, so some revisions may be necessary, as they take my own Mythos into account. In addition, after 2 and a half years of play, my Cast has gotten fairly tough. Those looking to run these adventures with a newer Cast are advised to tone down the monsters somewhat.

  • Don't Fear the Ripper, an original episode for the Buffy or Angel RPGs. Designed for the Djinn season, but easily adapted to any big bad you like, or run standalone!
  • Don't Fear the Ripper, reformatted as an adventure for the WitchCraft Role Playing Game, with complete cast stats. You can download the entire WitchCraft game for free here!
  • The Utah Bloodthirst Massacre, an AFMBE adventure that lifts more than a few ideas from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Easily modified for the Buffy RPG, and contains complete Cast stats
  • The Feast of Black Annis, an original adventure for the Buffy and Angel RPGs, which could be modified to use the Djinn as a Big Bad.
    Please note: the adventure above was scripted for my cast and contains elements of the Cthulhu Mythos. Thus, certain changes may need to be structured to use it with the Original Cast or your own characters. If using the Original Cast, suggest replacing Joe Knonaem with Kate Lochley. Schenley Park and Panther Hollow can be replaced with any wooded park containing a pond.
  • Nuprin Ftaghn, adventure notes for the Buffy and Angel RPGs. This one isn't as complete as those above, but still may be useable to some groups. It involves the Djinn Big Bad.
  • Things Fall Apart, adventure notes for the Buffy, Angel, WitchCraft, and Armageddon RPG's. These are very specific to my group, but others may at least be able to mine them for ideas, and there's some good monster stats in there.
  • Renders of the Veil adventure notes for Buffy, Angel, WitchCraft, and Armageddon. Specific to my group, but include ideas to mine, a new spell, and some good exerpts from arcane books to use as props.
  • Six Guns and Slaying, an adventure set in the Old West, in the year 1881! Billy the Kid, demonic gunslinging preachers, Ghost Riders in the Sky, and the Devil himself! Hang on to your hat, pardner, and keep your powder dry. You're in for a Hell of a ride...literally.

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